Activities in July 2017
   4 July   Tuesday Evening Group:  
                  Speaker:  Mike Witt - PIlgrim Bandits
                  Venue: Riviera Hotel (Alum Chine) 7pm

   6 July   Lytchett Minster School Music Competition  7pm 
11 July    Council meeeting.  6.30pm at the President's House
13 July    Business Networking Group 
                  Venue The Planation, 7.45am 

18 July    Tuesday Evening Group:  
                  Speaker:  Mark Warners - Sailors Society
                  Venue: Riviera Hotel (Alum Chine) 7pm

22 July    Club BBQ - Livability, Holton Lee   3.30pm
27 July    Business Networking Group 
                  Venue - The Planation, 7.45am 

If you would like to attend any of  our meetings, please contact at least 24 hours in advance.  Many thanks.